What Can VoIP Do For You

As with all new technologies, it's not surprising that you may have heard about VoIP (voice over internet protocol) quite a while ago but still not really understand what it is. You may have even considered using VoIP but were put off due to info overload. Sadly this means you've been overspending on your monthly phone bill.

VoIP technology allows traditional telephone services to run over computer networks by converting the caller's voice into a digital signal then converting back to an analog one so that person you are calling can The phone company's network is only used at the origin and destination points of the call. And even then they're only used minimally. You can also click here if you want to get more information about  VOIP services .

VoIP technology uses only one network to transmit packet switched voice data through the internet. As a result this calls made from VoIP to VoIP network are completely free while those from public telephone are charged at considerably lower rates when directed via VoIP. Acquiring this technology can allow you to make not only cheaper calls but free ones as well.

VoIP Telephony Promotes Mobility

With the now world wide network coverage of VoIP network services you can receive and make your calls undeterred from anywhere in the entire globe. The beautiful thing about it is that unlike the traditional telephony services that will force you to acquire a new number each time you travel from one part of the globe to the next, voice over IP allows you to retain your number wherever you go and not only make your calls through it but also receive all your calls undeterred. This is made possible by the possibility of integrating your VoIP podium into any internet based messenger service in the world.

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