Healthy Eating Tips From Thailand

There are so many different ways we can incorporate a healthy diet into our lives and I love taking influences from different places around the world.  I recently was introduced to Thai food and wanted to do a little more research about their diet and the foods they consume.  Remember when you are trying to Lose Weight San Diego you can take influences from so many other parts of the world to help maintain weight as well as eat nutritious for our bodies.   The foods they choose to incorporate in their meals have wonderful health benefits.

Dairy is one item that people in Thailand do without.  Dairy can cause a lot of inflammation in the body as well as cause digestion issues.  They choose to use coconut milk over cow milk and do not use cheese in any of their cooking.   Ginger is a common ingredient in their food and is one of the most medicinal plants you can consume.  Ginger helps to improve digestion and relieve gas and bloating.  It also helps to boost your metabolism, kick your colds butt and has anti-inflammatory properties.  They also incorporate a lot of spice into their food.  When you eat spicy foods it increases your body heat and can help to speed up your metabolism.  When the food is spicy it also helps to slow down how quickly you eat.  When you eat slower your body is able to digest the food and helps to eliminate feeling bloated or have gas.

Last but not least they don’t really sit for large meals the way we do in the US.  They have small items throughout the day which helps to keep them satisfied.  Eating small amounts throughout the day will also help to eliminate binge eating which can also lead to weight gain.  If you want  Weight Loss San Diego take some tips from the people of Thailand.

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