Safest Way To Get Rid Of Pimples

Although all acne is unpleasant and unwelcome, it has to be said that some types of spots are worse than others. That is not necessarily based on how uncomfortable they are, nor on how unsightly they are. It is just that some spots can be removed more easily, while others are intractable, which obviously makes them less welcome. Blackheads and whiteheads fall into the former category, as they can be removed easily by using a pimple popper tool. Red lumps, solid pimples and others all fall into the ‘difficult’ category, as they cannot be popped.

Using a pimple popper to extract the contents of a blackhead or whitehead is very simple, and very effective at bringing down the inflammation that makes pimples painful and unattractive. You do need to ensure that you have sterilised the pimple popper first, though, as this is the key to its effectiveness. Most people go wrong when trying to pop their pimples by failing to take proper hygiene measures. They use an old pin, or their fingernails. This will not work, and you run the real risk of a fresh skin infection fuelled by bacteria that are even worse than the ones already within the pimple.

Even sterilising the pin will not give you the same results as a pimple popper, because pimple poppers have specially designed loops that let you press out the contents gently, with minimal risk of trauma. As well as infection, trauma is the other main risk that causes pimple popping to fail, as it stress the skin and makes it react by setting up fresh inflammation.

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