All You Need to Know About Kyleena IUD

Kyleena frame consists of a shaped polyethylene T- (T-body) with a steroid reservoir (hormone elastomer core) around the vertical shaft.

The T-body blank has a loop at one end of the vertical shaft and two horizontal arms at the other end. The deposit consists of a whitish or light yellow cylinder, made from a mixture of LNG and silicone (polydimethylsiloxane), containing a total of 19.5 mg LNG.

The reservoir is covered by a silicone membrane semi-opaque, polydimethylsiloxane compound and colloidal silica. To know more about kyleena IUD, you can simply visit

A consists of 99.95% pure silver ring it is at the top of the vertical stalk close to the horizontal arms and is visible by ultrasound.  The polyethylene of the T-body is compounded barium sulfate, which makes it radiopaque.

From the maker of mirena

A thread removal blue polypropylene monofilament is attached to a loop at the end of the vertical stem of the T-body. Polypropylene thread removal contains <0.5% phthalocyanine (2-) copper as a colorant.

Kyleena components, including the packaging, are not produced using natural rubber latex.


Kyleena sterile packaged within an inserter. The inserter (Figure 11), which is used for inserting Kyleena into the uterine cavity, comprises a body in two symmetrical faces and sliding that are integrated flanged locking tube pre-bent insertion and plunger.

The outer diameter of the insertion tube is 3.8 mm. Kyleena vertical rod is loaded into the insertion tube at the tip of the inserter.

The arms are pre-aligned in the horizontal position. Extraction wires are contained within the insertion tube and handle. Once Kyleena has been placed, the inserter is discarded.

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