Natural Shampoos For Treating Hair Loss

Women can lose hair due to a number of factors; the most frequent are anxiety, pregnancy, dieting, or severe emotional difficulties. Androgenetic alopecia is thought of as like Male Pattern Baldness wherein hair follicles have become sensitive to the hormones within the scalp. It’s typically characterized by hair thinning and thinning hair at another pattern that starts just above the temples. This instance in women does not typically lead to complete baldness but some may elect to lower the rest of the hair and go for a whole bald appearance.

Many products can be found in the marketplace but the addition of nettle shampoo products is gaining rapid recognition. This product cleanses the scalp and it also helps to nourish and revitalize the hair roots (which is also known as นอกจากนี้ยังช่วยในการบำรุงและฟื้นฟูรากผม in the Thai language).

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Even though it’s yet to be demonstrated that nettle extract alone assists in treating hair loss issues, hair products which combine nettle and other herbal medications are showing good reviews. It’s great that people with this issue now have the choice to use products from organic sources.

Immediate application of nettle extract may also be performed but people who would opt for this topical procedure is needed to practice extreme caution. The plant has stinging hairs on its leaves and stalks which contain histamine and other chemicals which may lead to allergy upon contact with human skin. Although these allergic reactions aren’t very harmful, it gives distress and best to be avoided as far as possible.

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