Managing Disruptive Behavior in Your Clinic

If a physician has got disruptive behavior for many years, you won’t alter the culture immediately. But it is possible to implement protocols and policies which will help safeguard your clinic.

Prohibit criminal harassment that comes with a clear statement your group strictly prohibits sexual harassment in addition to harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, faith, disability and the rest of the categories protected by state and federal regulation.

The policy must define harassment and provide examples of improper behavior. This can be useful when addressing a scenario where a disruptive physician won’t operate with a colleague due to gender, religion, ethnicity, etc.


Prohibit retaliation against any worker to make sure that if staff members or doctors make complaints regarding a tumultuous doctor they are protected from any retaliatory behavior. You can visit to know more about disruptive physician behavior.

Many clinics require some effort and time to come up with behavior criteria. As soon as you’ve implemented behavior policies, make sure you train each doctor on what policies imply and how they’ll be enforced, apply those policies regularly. It’s a time-tested endeavor, but when the group is directed by the policies in your manual, your clinic direction will become simpler.

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