Improve Their English Proficiency

Many international students would like to attend college or university in the United States, but find it difficult to do so. They may lack the proper guidance when choosing between the thousands of colleges in the United States. Their English skills may also be a problem when applying to an American university. Boarding school helps overseas students:

Improve Their English Proficiency

Help them learn about and gain acceptance to appropriate U.S. universities.

Adjust to a new culture by providing a smaller, structured environment designed to support 

non-native English speakers. You can  also find more via to  get information related to boarding schools.

English Immersion Courses

It can be difficult to learn English if it is not spoken regularly. In boarding school, international students attend class, play sports, and live with English-speaking students. This creates a helpful environment for learning English. This gives them the chance to make friends and communicate in English on a regular basis.

International Friendships:

Boarding schools offer a unique opportunity for overseas students to meet and make friends with students from other cultures. You will be exposed to people from different religious, geographic, and linguistic backgrounds. You will make friends with people that you would usually not have a chance to meet. Being part of a boarding school community can help you overcome cultural barriers associated with living outside your country.

If you have more specific questions about attending boarding school as an international student (e.g., visa questions), please research and contact boarding schools which interest you. 

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