How Ewen Chia Made it Big in Online Marketing

Ever wondered how Ewen Chia made it big in the online marketing industry? Well, first of all, he is an amazing person who has managed to grow his empire with no capital mostly, he just used his imaginative mind and had the enough desire and passion to be successful in life.Today, he is one of the most successful internet marketers in the online selling community. He has several online marketing websites that are earning sale after every sale. Each of these sites generate up to 4 to 6 figures of sales every minute, just imagine the amount of money that is going to Ewen's site! Aside from these earnings, Ewen also had received a lot of awards and recognition not only in his hometown, Singapore, but also in other parts of the world, from different award giving bodies and online marketing communities. When you ask someone about internet marketing, they will tell you to go to Ewen Chia. His name is just recognized in this industry. Ewen Chia is a brand when it comes to internet marketing. And now, we will hear his story and how he made it big in the internet marketing industry.

History of Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia graduated from the University of London, one of the best universities in that country, with the degree of BSC in business management. After graduation, he then applied and got accepted in a small business firm, working on a 9-5 schedule in the sales and marketing department. During this time, Ewen was awarded and commended by his upper management because of his good work.

Trial in Ewen Chia's LIfe

After a few months, Ewen had the worst experience in his life- his credit card bill piled up! He didn't know how to pay them. He had to find a way to pay them.

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