Guide To Choosing A Stun Gun That’s Right For You

There has never been a better choice of spectacular apparatus available to the general public as there is now. The personal security industry has responded to the tremendous demand for self-defense products by developing and manufacturing the best, technologically advanced stun devices ever.

On first glimpse, picking a stun gun that is right for you're able to seem daunting. But it does not have to be an overwhelming task. Equipped with some basic info and a few facts, picking a stun gun should be quick, simple and easy. You may get yourself directed to to know about different kinds of stun guns.

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What's a stun gun?

Stun guns are extremely simple, battery operated electronic devices made to shock and incapacitate an assailant. They are not actually guns. They don't fire bullets. They are an affordable, powerful, non-lethal alternative to firearms.

Why should I have a stun gun?

Should you consider your chances of being the victim of a violent crime, it makes a sense to be ready in case the unthinkable occurs. You do not even necessarily have to "stun" someone to prevent an assault. To discontinue a perilous situation from escalating, it might just be essential to expose and "test fire" your stun gun. Sound and the sight of the electrical arc flashing loudly and bright crackling is an ominous, intimidating deterrent to a would-be assailant.

How does a stun gun work?

Most stun guns have two electrodes at the very front of the apparatus that you press against your assailant while you shove a "trigger" button which introduces a powerful, non-lethal electric current that passes through his/her clothes and into his or her body. Just a few seconds is enough to leave even a large, strong, imposing person helpless.

Will I be shocked also?

The answer is: definitely not! Although the current will efficiently and simply flow through several layers of the assailant's clothing, it'll be consumed by the attacker even if he or she has a hold of you. The only way for the user is by direct contact with the breath taking probes.

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