Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Profits Review

Ewen Chia's latest release Super Affiliate Profits is one of the best products I've had to review in ages and is the reason for me starting a review blog, whether your new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro there is still something to be learned from it.

Super Affiliate Profits is split into 3 modules:

Module 1 – Affiliate Business Basics

This gives you an introduction to what affiliate marketing using click bank as the merchant, Ewen Chia goes into great detail and touches upon various methods in which affiliate are using to generate sales as an affiliate.

Module 2 – Affiliate Unfair Advantage

This module covers 7 unfair advantages to pull in massive affiliate commission constantly, You'll learn how to find high converting affiliate programs easily and the importance of the affiliate tools (or weapons as ewen calls them), How to do aggressive affiliate advertising and promotion, The affiliate advertising matrix strategy, The fixed affiliate promotion plan, Importance of list building and follow up and how to perfect your offers for maximum conversion.

Module 3 – Affiliate Traffic Tactics

Now we come to the final but best module, affiliate traffic tactics, In this module Ewen Chia goes into great detail spilling the beans on 15 methods to generate non-stop affiliate traffic in 24hrs or less. He covers affiliate pay per click, affiliate articles, affilaite press releases, affiliate viral reports, affiliate classified ads just to name a few, personally i wasn't even using at least 7 of the promotion methods included but now i'm in the process of implementing them asap, i know just by implementing these i will increase my affiliate commission by atleast 80%.

All in all, Super Affiliate Profits is a must have for newbies and guru's alike, and priced at $37 it's an absolute steal, it's not very often such a high ticket product such as this is priced so it's affordable for almost all.


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