Ewen Chia, a Profile of a Leading Global Affiliate Marketer

Ewen Chia is an internet marketing phenomenon, a publisher and marketing coach with a pedigree that stands head above shoulders over the rest. He is a marketing guru who deserves the label and his success speaks volumes. Since he began a floundering attempt at selling stuff online, he has managed to revolutionize the way affiliate marketing is done and in the process accumulated a vast fortune. Today, he rakes in at least a million dollars yearly in Affiliate commissions.

The Making of the Ewen Chia Affiliate Marketing Empire

Since he first began Internet marketing in 1997, Ewen Chia has gained a reputation of having a Midas touch. It seems that whenever he takes to a marketing campaign, he manages to turn it into a stream of gold. But, on closer examination, his exploits have nothing to do with luck but rather single minded dedication as well as a quest for excellence.

In the very early years of founding his internet marketing empire, Ewen Chia was frustrated by failure. While he did count his losses, he did not consider quitting even once. Instead, he took an objective view of his failures, establishing the strategies which were falling short and optimizing on the ones which seemed to resonate with the market. The end result was a series of techniques, tools and methodologies with a  virtual guarantee of success. Today, these proven techniques are available in the form of eBooks and coaching videos designed to put your affiliate marketing campaigns on autopilot and bring in streams of cash.


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